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spy_fest is over (*wail*) and we've entered the period of catching up and reviewing... and reccing, so here's my first batch of top favourites:

Let It Be by anonymous [Yassen/Alex; NC-17; Warnings; 5800 words]
Summary: Curiosity killed the cat
This is dark and scary and hot and not for the faint at heart. Alex is superbly in character – resilient determined and emotionally confused. In short, absolutely brilliant. There needs to be more fic like this – it makes my life happy :)

Royal Flush by anonymous [Alex, PG-13, gen; 4000 words]
Summary: Alex goes on a school trip to the Tower of London – and ends up stealing the Crown Jewels.
I don't quite have words to describe this one – but the summary will give you a good idea. It's just... pure whacky fun and action and wordplay and above all, it *works*. Condensed spirit of Alex Rider canon. It made me laugh like the proverbial hyena too ;).

The MI6 Agent and the Scorpia Assassin by anonymous [Yassen/Alex, NC-17; Warnings; 5600 words]
Summary: Scorpia has agreed to let Alex live. In return, Alex has promised to not work for MI6.Two years after making the promise, Alex is now caught breaking it.
I absolutely love this fic! It's clever, it's thrilling, it's deceptive, plot an pacing rock, and it plays effectively with quite a few canon and fanon cliches. It's also awesomely hot!

Teaching by anonymous [Yassen/Alex; NC-17; Warnings; 5000 words]
Summary: Alex learns that attempting to steal a gun right under Yassen Gregorovichs' nose is a bad idea. But he makes sure Yassen teaches him a whole lot more…
Ah... now this is a wonderful twist on teacher-student relationships – it's funny and hot, with lots of delightful double-entendre and humour (Alex's inner voice alone is a thing of beauty).


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