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Have just started working again (in my new/old job of sorts), and already things are going mad. So mad that I didn't get in my last spy_fest recs when everything was neatly anon, damn!

Anyway, here goes:

Just a Day at the Museum by [personal profile] annephoenix [Alex, Tom; gen; PG-13]
Summary: From the school’s perspective, Alex Rider is not exactly a model student on field trips. And it looks like today will be no different. Why can’t things ever be simple?
Alex Rider with a carefully (and credibly!) applied touch of SF and superb emotional development. This is the Alex I love - clever, vulnerable, worried about his friends, and trying desperately to balance 'spy' and 'normal life' without much success. The 'school trip' fics that came out of this round of the fest were all awesome :).

And finally, I can squee over my own wonderful gift:

The Beat of Disillusion (Part 1 and Part 2) by [personal profile] capeofstorm [Yassen/Alex; Warnings; NC-17]
Summary: At MI6's insistence Alex goes back to Scorpia once again. He ends up in a situation he never thought he'd find himself in, with people he couldn't trust.
Dark and plotty and intense and absolutely impossible to put down even for a moment. The plot is wonderfully complex, with a great tough-but-vulnerable Alex trying to negotiate survival among his enemies, a superbly written Jack and an ending that left me biting my fingers, it's so intense. Great stuff! :)
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