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Yep, I am mildly preoccupied at the moment ;). Two thirds through the first season (of the 2005 version, that is).

Rose reminds me a lot of Buffy. Not just looks, also behaviour. That aside, I quite like her.

I always thought that 'Daleks' were the most stupid-looking 'evil robotic species' in SF Star Wars Phantom Menace thingies *not* included. They're still the most stupid-looking evil robotic species, but they're frigging *scary*. That entire episode was. Actually, the Doctor was scarier than the Dalek...

I absolutely love the time-travel mix between future, present day and past. It's like getting three of my favourite genres at once.

And on a different note, I'm going to see the new X-Men movie tomorrow, and am sort of excited about it :). I'm not reading the comic any longer, but I did for many years until the late 1990s, and have still a hugely soft spot for it.

Date: 2011-06-23 09:17 pm (UTC)
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Hee! The movie was awesome. I'm still reading the comic after 20+ years. I've tried to quit a few times over the years but each time I end up hooked again, trying to hunt down the missing issues and it's just too much hassle. ;)


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