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There will be more and properly done spy_fest recs (I'm already assembling a little list), but allow me a moment full of pure squee.

You know how occasionally you come across a fic that's just utterly *perfect* for your mood and utterly *awesome* in itself and has you squeeing over turns of phrases because the writing is so good, and the characters come to life as if filched directly from canon (only better!) and it makes you laugh and cry and when you come up for air in the middle of it you wail because you realise you're already halfway through and you don't want it to be over, ever? I read that fic today :).

Stitches (Part 1 and Part 2) by anonymous (obviously) [Alex, Yassen; PG-13, 31 000 words]
Summary: When a mission goes wrong and Alex is critically wounded, the fifteen-year-old spy finds himself the unwilling captive (and patient) of a man he believed to be dead.

The summary says as much as I'd want to give away, but it's long and satisfactory and emotionally wrenching (that's a compliment!), and while it's not even that much my usual cup of tea, theme-wise, it's just... yes! But have a look for yourselves :).
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If you're eager for a spot of gen, head over to springtime_gen, which (as every year) has already posted some truly amazing fic, with more to come!

Life Sign

Apr. 29th, 2011 04:46 am
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Holy housecat, it has been months since I last updated, or properly looked at LJ! Well, things have been very interesting (in the Chinese curse variety of the word), but it looks like I'm back :).

I've finished my spy_fest fic which I didn't dare hope would ever happen, and can now go on and wrap up the final bit of another project that's been trailing behind for a while.

And I can finally read 'Scorpia Rising' which I haven't touched so far, and all the Alex Rider fic I missed. Yay!

Anyway, sorry for doing the vanishing act for so long! How have you all been?
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Sign-ups will be running for one more day - the final deadline is midnight tomorrow, Thursday, 27 January.

It's a nice, quiet, low-key LJ exchange with two full months writing time, ideal for gen fans as well as for people who want to try something new, or give gen a shot - and a few more participants wouldn't hurt :).

Sign up here?
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Cleaning out my email accounts, I noticed that I'm sitting on a pile of Dreamwidth invite codes. If anyone's interested, go grab them. First come, first served, but please comment if you take one so I can take it off :).



(The first two are shiny and new, the latter three are leftovers from an earlier distribution. Should still work, though, unless they have a shelf life?).
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I've been back from holiday for a while now, and work is even more insane than when I left...

But there's great news today, because [profile] springtime_gen (on LJ) is up for another round, and sign-ups are now open until 27 January. Which has me hopping excited, yay!

If you're into gen fic, sign up here. The more the merrier! :)

This once, I won't leave you with a LOLcat, but with a LotR cartoon I stumbled across (in an Enya-vid of all places), and which is just too funny not to share:

Read more... )
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A HAPPY NEW YEAR and a fun turn of the year to you all!

And *hugs* to [personal profile] melusinahp and [personal profile] lokifan for you-know-what :).

Plus, the traditional

End of the Year Fic Meme )

And now yours truly is off home because she's in charge of Silvester dinner :).
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Ok, I might be off home tomorrow. Then again, I might not. As of yet, I can't say, though I'm (almost) packed and have (almost) finished cleaning the flat.

Should I get away, I guess I better wish all of you Happy Holidays! early on :). I hope you'll have a great time and cookies and good company and all the rest! :)

And finally, signups for spy_fest are still running on LJ until December 24th. Because you know you want to, right? Right?

And since spring is coming (or so I'm told), keep an eye on springtime_gen, also on LJ, whose 2011 round will be starting in early springJanuary!

ETA: omg, I might actually fly. Let's hope there are no very bad delays... *wibbles*
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First and most importantly - promoting the upcoming all-new round of Alex Rider Spy_Fest over on LJ, which has me hopping with excitement! And pretty much the only fest nowadays I can't pass up on :). So if AR is your cup of tea, sign up here!

On a personal note, I'm looking increasingly nervously at the snow falling outside and the weather forecast and my chances to make it home for Christmas on the 23rd... Woe! Friends of mine were visiting London and only just made it back on one of the very few not-cancelled flights from Heathrow on Saturday. Which is exactly where I'm due to switch planes on Thursday, when they want more snow...

And Heathrow being the UK airport (apart from Edinburgh, double!woe!) that reacts to the onset of three snowflakes pretty much like Madagascar if you're playing Pandemic II...

I'm not Christmas-mad or anything, so the idea of spending the holidays on my own writing and watching a few TV-episodes isn't dreadful, but I really *want* to be home and see my folks and the cat and friends... keep fingers crossed for me, ok?
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The Rules:
(gacked from all over the place)

Don't take too long to think about it. Twelve fictional characters (television, films, plays, books, comics) who've influenced you and that will always stick with you. List the first twelve you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes.

My Picks: )
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OMFG! This... just killed me :D.

I wish I had any idea who did the artwork.
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The Good... I've just watched the first ep of the BBC's 'Sherlock', which was great fun. Even though Holmes is an utter arse, but I guess that's the point, that he's supposed to become a human being of sorts through exposure to Watson.

The Bad... Am home sick with an evil cold, although doing somewhat better today than the past two days.

The Ugly... it's minus 13 degrees outside.
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Uh, so I haven't updated in over two months :(. *is ashamed*

I didn't post about the Marauders' Training Camp at Halloween in Suffolk, which was so brilliant and involved a barn, David Bowie, my first time ever cycling on British roads, getting murdered a lot, and above all, great company!

I didn't even squee about last weekend's trip to see the new HP film, again in excellent company :).

Talking about Deathly Hallows 1 )

Am currently trying *not* to have the coughs (again...) after freezing my arse off waiting for buses yesterday, and trying to find new glasses I like. Which sucks, especially if you're too blind to see what they look like on you without glasses! :(

And reading old Darkover novels in English, yay! (*hugs [personal profile] chthonya*)

Of course what I *should* do would be to write, but... Wordcountometer on Harry/Lucius is still at a measley

35421 / 50000 words. 71% done!
(50 000 is the highest estimate though - one chapter and epilogue to go.)
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Oookay, the rest of the year will now be devoted to Harry/Lucius :).

And just to record progress (omg, let there be progress!) and for the sake of self-motivation (omg, muse, lend a hand here!), first ever wordcount meter:

14575 / 40000 words. 36% done!

*is nervous*
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Title: Assassin’s Creed
Characters: Alex Rider, a few others :)
Fandom: Alex Rider
Rating: PG
Spoiler (highlight to view): Alex Rider/Harry Potter crossover
Length: ~ 5300 words
Summary: One did not, in general, expect to encounter one of the world's deadliest assassins on the Tube.
Note: A one-month-late birthday fic for the incomparable [personal profile] annephoenix, with lots and lots of love and admiration! Thanks soverymuch to [personal profile] lazy_neutrino and [personal profile] melusinahp for beta and advice and for bearing with my chattering about this particular bunny in July. ♥

Assassin’s Creed )
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[personal profile] melusinahp!

Who is a wonderful friend, writer, beta, and person :).
I hope you had a great day!
*hugs tightly*
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I seem to have acquired an Archive of Our Own invite code - though definitely not for the amount of fics I've posted there :(. To go to a good home. Anybody interested?

ETA: Gone!
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Friday night on the way home I picked up Tamora Pierce's Song of the Lioness quartet as an all-in-one collection for two quid from a charity shop - cursing myself, because it's one of my teenage favourites, but I already own all four books, if in translation. Have been happily reading it since, for the billionth[?] time, and I know the text so well I can actually substitute German quotes :).

Which makes me wonder:
Do you have that sort of, well, comfort reading - books you will return to over and over again although you know them by heart already? Not necessarily top favourites, just really addictive stuff?

For me, the top few along with the above are John Maddox Roberts' SPQR series, Steven Saylor's Roma Sub Rosa books (ok, the first five only), Ian Rankin's Inspector Rebus novels, the Alex Rider books, and Liselotte Welskopf-Henrich's Blut des Adlers five-parter (a GDR young adult writer). Oh, and Lois McMaster Bujold's Miles Vorkosigan series.

HP used to be on the list, but only the first four books, and I tend to read *in* them for reference now rather than re-reading them for pleasure.

What are yours?
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Ok, my mom's on her way home to Germany now (and obviously has not succeeded in mastering mobile phone use despite several tutorials as my dad hasn't heard from her yet), but I hope I'll be receiving the 'safely home' phone call soon (*is mildly nervous as always*).

Am somewhat sniffly with company-withdrawal-syndrome right now, which usually passes after a day. But we had fun and saw a lot of things, although two weeks' company resulted in absolutely zilch in terms of writing or much in the way of net activity :(. But there *will* be fic soon!

Am reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which of all places I found left on a park bench, sat there about two hours watching the sea, and decided to liberate after nobody came back for it and it started to rain. It's surprisingly unputdownable, although the English translation doesn't quite wow me.

Also, first Dreamwidth crosspost attempt. *crosses fingers*
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Ok, first we have the LJ privacy failery (see original announcement, [personal profile] trobadora's write-up of the problems ('cause I'm lazy), and a partial solution for Firefox users (haven't tried it yet, not in a techsavvy state tonight). I'm neither on Facebook nor Twitter, so won't crosspost comments, not even by accident. Don't do it either, ok? Though I guess I'll be moving to cross-post to LJ via Dreamwidth as long as this continues :(.

Secondly, the slash '/' symbol has been disabled in the LJ tags (my H/L tag gets only an error message). Now that sucks to no end, considering how many pairing slash tags there are out there :(. Let's hope it *was* accident rather than purpose, and gets fixed soon!

For those left wanting, I still have a few Dreamwidth invite codes hanging around on this post.


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