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(filched from [ profile] atrata)

So, f-list, answer me these things. Or point me to the place you've already answered them. My own statement before the Spanish Inquisition is here.

1. Age, location, vocation?
2. Describe a bad habit of yours.
3. What's one place you really want to visit before you die?
4. If you should pick only one, what's your favorite HP fic?
5. Share a dorky story about yourself.
6. What was your favorite toy at age 3?
7. At age 7?
8. What's your favorite lj community?
9. Link me to an entry on your journal you'd like me to read/comment on.
10. What are your spiritual beliefs?
11. What is your favorite HP artwork?
12. Say something nice about another LJ user (not me).
13. What do you eat for breakfast?
14. What's something weird you enjoy that gets you odd looks from other people?
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(shamelessly filched from [ profile] cluegirl)

Pick passages from five of your favorite books. The first book’s passage should come from the fifth page, the second from the tenth, the third from the fifteenth, the fourth from the twentieth, and the fifth from the twenty-fifth. Do not give the titles and see if your flist guesses the books.

Well, picked from among my favourite English novels. Two of them might be rather tricky... But have fun if you're riddle-ishly inclined :).

ETA: Three guessed, two still open - actually the two I thought would be the easiest and the hardest...
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