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(written for the anonymous Cantarella Kink Meme over at [ profile] la_cantarella, with a bit of arm-twisting encouragement from [ profile] liriaen)

Prompt: voyeurism
Pairing: Taddeo/Cesare/Chiaro
Length: ~ 400 words (that's as drabblish as I get)

Taddeo knows he shouldn't watch them... )
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Title: Brothers and Lovers
Author: Hijja
Pairing: James Potter jr./Scorpius Malfoy (of sorts...)
Rating: R
Length: ~ 1600 words
Summary: James finds himself all tied up and at the mercy of his school nemesis – for a reason...
Note: A *very* late birthday ficlet for the lovely [ profile] calanthe_fics (but hey, it's still the same month as your birthday – barely). It doesn't take much inspiration from "The One with the World Cup-Winning Seeker..." apart from the pairing which I'd never developed an obsession for but for that. Hope it amuses, and sorry for the late! Many thanks to LN for the lightning-shaped beta! Concrit, as always, very desirable :).

Brothers and Lovers )
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Now that the [ profile] harry_holidays Reveals and Masterlist are up, I can first:

Squee over The Sound of Silence, the brilliant Ron/Lucius story [ profile] eeyore9990 wrote for me! A dark-as-heck, emotionally harrowing and yet subtle DH missing scene that's just wonderful :).

And secondly, post my own contribution:

Title: Tea with the King
Author: [ profile] kennahijja
Pairing: Harry/Lucius, mostly
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): dub-con/non-con/coercion
Summary: "And now, Mr Potter, you will tell me exactly what you did to my son."
Note: Written for [ profile] lavillanueva in [ profile] harry_holidays, with many thanks to [ profile] melusinahp, [ profile] oddnari and [ profile] hummelchen for beta and concrit! No, I have no clue where the title came from either.

Tea with the King [please mind Rating and Warnings!] )
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] annephoenix!!!
*hugs very hard*

This monster has been in the works for you since, well, a while after Sectus, both 'cause I love you (of course!) and as thanks for introducing me to a YA series that abuses its hero even worse than JKR ;). Hope you like, even though I'm aware how busy you are at the moment – no need to read any time soon :).
*hugs again*

Title: Midnight Smoke (1/2)
Author: Hijja (
Fandom: Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz (set between Skeleton Key and Eagle Strike)
Pairing: Alex Rider/Yassen Gregorovich
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: non-con, underage/chan (Alex is eternally 14)
Summary: Alex Rider investigates a spate of teen abductions and runs into an old enemy.
Note: Thanks to Thea for test reading. And I swear I had no clue about the theme of the most recent novel when starting this - still haven't read it :). The title comes from Mike Batt's "The Hunting of the Snark" album.

Midnight Smoke (1 of 2) [please mind RATING and WARNINGS!] )

continued in Part 2
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Now that the [ profile] hpde_smutathon Masterlist has been posted, I can post this to LJ. And acknowledge and squeeze the lovely [ profile] moltensulfur once again for writing The Thrill of Torture which totally blew me away :). A rec post for the Smutathon should hopefully turn up sometime tonight…

Title: Moonrise
Author: Hijja (
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: dub-con/non-con, a bit of violence
Length: 10589 words
Summary: When Dung Fletcher turns up dead in the woods around Hogsmeade, Harry goes to investigate... and finds a lot more than he's bargained for.
Note: Written for [ profile] sioniann as part of the [ profile] hpde_smutathon. Thanks to [ profile] fee_absinthe and Rabastan43 and [ profile] hummelchen for beta, advice and hand-holding!

Read Story - but please mind rating and warnings! )
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Title: Among Wolves
Author: Hijja (
Pairing: um... bits of Remus/Lucius and Sirius/Remus preslash
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): off-screen non-con
Length: ~3300 words
Note: Birthday fic for the lovely [ profile] fleshdress. And smooches to [ profile] lazy_neutrino for the rapid, colourful beta, and to [ profile] the_dark_twin for puppyish inspiration :).

Afterwards, Sirius could never forgive himself for not noticing sooner that he was being distracted... )
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Yeah, right, as if anyone would be reading noncon porn the evening before HBP comes out!

Title: Sleepwalking with the Damned
Author: Hijja (
Pairing(s): HP/LM, HP/DM
Rating:: NC-17
Warning: serious non-con, PWP
Summary: 'Don't sneak out alone, Harry,' they always tell him...
Note: Well, this is me trying to break through my remaining non-con barriers – definitely the worst I've ever done. Dedicated to [ profile] annephoenix for the lightning speed, quality and patience of her beta, and of course for all the inspiration. Thanks, love! Title has been lifted from There's a Need by Runrig.
SLEEPWALKING WITH THE DAMNED - please mind rating and warnings! )

Feedback: Yes, please! :)
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Title: Turnabout (1/3)
Author: Hijja (
Pairing(s): HP/DM, RW/DM, some HP/RW subtext
Rating: NC-17
Warning: blackmail, ambiguous consent, BDSM themes
Note: Abject thanks to the goddess [ profile] amanuensis1 for her wonderful beta on this humble fic, to [ profile] hummelchen for discussing it with me until midnight, and to [ profile] icarusancalion for the great input on the beginning and on Ron's character.
Feedback: I've been fiddling with and procrastinating over this for over a year, so I'd be ecstatic about any kind of feedback...
Summary: "We'll do nothing he hasn't done to us. And it'll still be far less than he deserves".

(one-shot, snipped into three parts for length)

Turnabout, Part 1 )
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Note: For thecurmudgeons ([ profile] rfachir) with love, and with apologies for the ridiculous delay and the lack of quality – it refused to turn out any better than this. Provisional title and unbetaed so far. If anyone would be interested in giving it a once-over, I'd be ecstatic!

Beyond Saving
by Hijja (

Read more... )


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