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2011-05-02 12:15 am

REC and Squee

There will be more and properly done spy_fest recs (I'm already assembling a little list), but allow me a moment full of pure squee.

You know how occasionally you come across a fic that's just utterly *perfect* for your mood and utterly *awesome* in itself and has you squeeing over turns of phrases because the writing is so good, and the characters come to life as if filched directly from canon (only better!) and it makes you laugh and cry and when you come up for air in the middle of it you wail because you realise you're already halfway through and you don't want it to be over, ever? I read that fic today :).

Stitches (Part 1 and Part 2) by anonymous (obviously) [Alex, Yassen; PG-13, 31 000 words]
Summary: When a mission goes wrong and Alex is critically wounded, the fifteen-year-old spy finds himself the unwilling captive (and patient) of a man he believed to be dead.

The summary says as much as I'd want to give away, but it's long and satisfactory and emotionally wrenching (that's a compliment!), and while it's not even that much my usual cup of tea, theme-wise, it's just... yes! But have a look for yourselves :).