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Back from Diacon Alley after a day of sleep, and with a heavy heart because it was awesome, and it's already over.

I got to meet so many wonderful people again or for the first time, and I treasure every moment of it! I'll probably have to sneak around and friend a few unsuspecting souls in the near future :).

It was the perfect con really - a *lot* of Potter fandomers, but small enough not to feel overwhelming, one strand of programming so you didn't have to make hard choices, with a venue close enough together not to scatter people too badly. Plus, I just love staying in student accommodations because you get a *desk*. Everything in life is easier with a desk!

The programming itself was excellent. I particularly loved the women- and fandom specific panels, which gave me a lot of things to think about and quite a few insistent plot bunnies.

We got to go see DH2 by Knight Bus, and it is a pretty damn good movie, although I think I liked the first part a bit better. And we had the victory ball where everything from costumes to dinner to atmosphere was just perfect.

And best of all, there was a fifth column of Alex Rider fans among the crowd, so we got to have a meetup and lots of chatting about my two favourite fandoms ever all at once :).

I spent the Monday wandering around Canterbury, visiting their great Roman Museum, sitting in a street cafe writing Minerva/Alecto 7th year fic, and got back to E-Town at midnight after finally finished my long-term WiP on the train.

Still exhausted now, but very happy and grateful!
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