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Life is a nice place... but I wouldn't want to live there.

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Birthdate:Mar 9
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AGE STATEMENT: yes, I'm way over 18/21! (just how much is nobody's business)

WARNING: There will be ADULT MATERIAL - stories, recs, comments - from time to time. Stories will be placed behind CUT TAGS and WARNINGS, so if you're reading it, you know what you're getting into. Venture carefully if that's not your thing, but don't complain if you do.

WARNING II: This LJ operates without character death warnings!

What am I writing?
Mainly Harry Potter, mainly darkfic and slash, with some occasional slips into humour... or, as [personal profile] lazy_neutrino put it: When other authors take their characters to the top of the Astronomy Tower, I expect a little sweetness and fluff. When Hijja does it, I know someone's going to die. You'll also find fic recs, general fandom musings, catposts, touches or RL and the occasional annoying meme :).

Links to my Fanfic:
All my stories posted on The Archive (alphabetical order) and Skyehawke (in posting order, most recent on top). Apart from that, I archieve G-to-R rated fic on FictionAlley (FA) and most hot stuff at the Restricted Section.

And no, I don't mind if you translate, archive, distribute, remix or write sequels to my stuff without asking as long as text and header stay intact and you acknowledge it's mine. Plagiarism is *not* cool. I'd love to know, but you don't need my permission. When I write fanfic, I don't ask either and I hate double standards.

Life Is a Nice Place

Life is a nice place (They change
the decorations
every season; and the music,
my dear, is just too
marvellous, they play you
anything from birds to Bach. And
every day the Host
arranges for some clever sort
of contest and they give
the most
fantastic prizes; I go absolutely
green. Of course, celebrities abound;
I've even seen Love waltzing around
in amusing disguises.) to
visit. But
I wouldn't want to live there.
(Louise Gl├╝ck)

Hijja, the Doll Hijja, the Doll

Like the real thing, just prettier

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a few others ;), annoying the cat..., blade runner, fantasy, gltb, historcal fiction & nonfiction, horror, hp fandom, irish drama..., joan baez, nightwish, poetry, quite a few others :), reading, runrig, sf, star wars, writing
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