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Well, there's lots of lovely stuff over at [ profile] springtime_gen, so I'll just point you to the comm (*points*).

And let me show you the two most fun fics I've read in a while:

Felinated by anonymous [Harry/Snape, PG-13]
Summary: A potions accident leaves Snape as a cat until who-knows-when. Harry’s already got his hands full when a prankster starts sabotaging the rebuilding of Hogwarts. But what if it’s not just a prank?
Catfic is great fun most of the time, of course, but here, Snape is the most spectacularly nasty feline *ever*. Brilliant descriptions embedded in an exciting mystery plot - one great read! [locked at the comm - but you won't regret joining!]

There Are Days I Wish I Lived in a Romance Novel (But This Isn't One of Them) by anonymous [Millicent/Neville, PG-13]
Summary: In a cluttered workshop and amid the rambunctious denizens of his greenhouse, Neville Longbottom discovers that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. Now he only has to convince Millicent Bulstrode...
Millicent is probably one of my top favourite characters, and this crazy 'not-a-love-story-dammit!' is among the two or three best I've ever read about her. Inventive as heck, touching without fluff, hilarious - read it! Then read the epilogue... *rotfls in retrospect*
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Yay, more gorgeous stuff!

The Scientific Exchange of Ignorance by [ profile] inkandfakefurs [Snape/Draco, Harry/Draco, NC-17, long one-shot]
Summary: Cruciatus can force a confession out of the most innocent, Veritaserum allows subtle evasion - but even the most accomplished liar can't hide his lies from careful observation...especially if he's also trying to deceive himself.
This is one of the most amazing studies in Slytherin duplicity I've ever had the pleasure to read, with a *wonderful* Draco, and a brilliant Snape torn between fulfilling his mission and desire... A study in observation, and seduction, and one very dark but outstanding tale!

Of Great Price by [ profile] blamebrampton [Sirius/Remus, R, long one-shot]
Summary: Truth is the first casualty of war. And when we lose our trust in those we love, what reason do they have to hold onto theirs?
I'm not a Sirius/Remus or Marauders fan to say the least, but this... this is how the story of the first war should have run, with the most amazing characterisation all round, from Sirius the narrator to the most minor characters. Yum!

Small Mercy by [ profile] pingrid [OFC, Fenrir Greyback, R, short one-shot]
Summary: The full moon is rising and here you are, trapped with our pack as the cold light draws our wolf-shapes ever closer towards the surface.
This is werewolf-fic at its best – creepy as heck, with an exceptional narrator's voice that shows up the alien nature of the wolf, and the very ambiguous role that Fenrir Greyback plays between human and monster (and in a rather different way than you'd expect). Short and very powerful.

The Fall by anonymous [Teddy/James jr., NC-17, four parts]
Summary: You may go now. I don't want to see you back in detention again." James mutely picked up his bag, heeding Teddy's instructions. "Walk back to Gryffindor Tower, no stopping anywhere. I want to imagine you with come dripping down your legs."
Mmh... the summary should give you a hint about how insanely hot this is, but it's more than that. Teddy struggling with being a teacher, and with conducting an affair with James at Hogwarts, and with his own feelings is wonderful, and uncliched, and oh yes, hot!

Kitten Claws and Mudblood Wars by [ profile] catsintheattic [Dolores Umbridge, gen, R, one-shot]
Summary: Every crusade exacts a human cost, and Dolores is willing to see it paid in full
Once in a while, there's fic that just reads so real that it *should* be canon even though it isn't. This story about the life – and the heritage – of Dolores Umbridge definitely should be canon. It's quite an amazing feat – making Umbridge human, giving her a credible past that shaped her canonical presence, without glossing over the evil she's capable of. A very, very impressive fic!
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This year's output... measly! 10 fics, not even all that long, and one as-yet unnamed for sekricy reasons... Well, it was a very busy year...

Favorite (and best, rolled into one) story this year: Time Parts the Hearts of Men... it took me a while to fall in love with it, but then Dumbledore always manages to creep up on me and make me fall in love. Grindelwald didn't even have to try. I still like the setup quite a lot.
Most underappreciated by the universe: Prometheus, Bound... granted, Ron/the Lestranges has been a long-time wish-fulfillment for me, and it was pretty obvious from how nobody wanted to pick that as a challenge in the half a dozen or so exchange requests that nobody was too hot on reading it either. But it was fun to write! *pokes out tongue at the world*
Most fun story: I don't think it was much fun to write, but I still get a little bit of yay out of writing Ron-Fenrir werewolf-sex/bestiality of sorts in World Like Fallen Apples...
Sexiest story: Nettle Stings... I've never quite figured out why Ron/Lucius brings out my inner sap, but it does, big time!
"Holy crap, that's wrong even for you": Poison Dart. I didn't even think I had an incest muse, but the Malfoys proved me wrong big time. I loved making the situation as ambiguous as I could. Lucius/Scorpius ftw! ;)
Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: Little Broken Hearts - I was panicky about finding a Scorpius-voice, especially after reading so much brilliant AS/S fic, but it came to me almost naturally (and boy, did I catch myself at pouring personal character traits into the poor boy...)
Hardest story to write: Midnight Smoke... it only took three years to come to life. And *then* I discovered there was a fandom for it afterwards ;). But all festfic writing was like pulling teeth this year. No more!
Biggest disappointment: It's not that much of a disappointment, but I have the hardest time distinguishing between The Practice of Walking in Darkness and World Like Fallen Apples in my head... probably a surefire sign that I need to write different plots!
Biggest surprise: Teddy Lupin and the Resurrection Stone - no idea where *that* came from, and it didn't even naturally match the giftee's preferences... But it was a sign of how badly I wanted to write next gen fic, and how much Fenrir had taken over my mind earlier in the year...
Story I want remembered: I'm torn between Time Parts the Hearts of Men and Little Broken Hearts ... basically because they're both very different in pairings and plots from the other things I've written.
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As promised, more gorgeous fic:

Awaken [lead me to death] by [ profile] winnett [Harry/Ron/Hermione, R, longer one-shot]
Summary: Six months following Harry's failed confrontation with Voldemort, he and the wizarding resistance are trapped within Hogwarts, surrounded by a fog full of death. Now, his dreams haunt him day and night, besetting him with visions of death and despair, and all he desires is to awaken from his waking nightmare.
This had me in shivers and tears, very skilfully blending our favourite characters, a dystopian world in which Hogwarts imprisons its last defenders, and bits and pieces of... mythology, or rather, buried archetypes in a chilling, heart-breaking story. Which achieves one of the rarest fanfic achievements - real serious originality.

Mutations by anonymous [Remus, Sirius, young Albus, gen, PG-13, one-shot]
Summary: There's no time like the present...
It's time-turner pastfic with a beautiful adventure plot, an equally beautifully fleshed out version of the wizarding past in a different war, tongue-in-cheek Christmassy humour, and shiny characterisation all round, from Remus and Sirius to the most obscure past supporting character. It made me happy, and thoughtful and sad at turns, and was one of the most all-round satisfying reads in a while.

Balanced on the Sword's Edge by [ profile] ravenna_c_tan [Harry/Lucius, NC-17, longer one-shot]
Summary: Harry Potter never escaped Malfoy Manor after being brought there by the snatchers (though Ron, Hermione, and the rest did, taking Draco with them). Without Harry there, the Battle of Hogwarts went quite differently, and now, after several months as Lucius Malfoy's personal pet, Harry's mind, body, and soul are quite different than they were as a schoolboy. He clings to his prophesied purpose, though, and knows he must stay alive to have a chance to fulfill it.
This is so much I love rolled into one! Dark AU, prisoner!Harry, Harry/Lucius love story, with mindgames, non-con and an undefeatable Harry and a nuanced Lucius... not to mention sizzling hot sex, plot, wonderful characterisation and character psychology... if you like your dark dark, sexy but not totally destructive, this is for you!

A Better Day to Die by [ profile] fluffyllama [Ron/Lucius, NC-17, one-shot]
Summary: Voldemort won the war, and everyone Ron cares about is dead. Released from Azkaban under suspicious circumstances, he has a chance to help overthrow Voldemort - but only if he can work with some of the people he hates most in the world.
I swear I'm not reccing this just because it's my favourite rarepair! But it's got a wonderful, human Ron, who balances his strengths and weaknesses and seems all the stronger for it, and an intriguing, complex plot. In a way, I can't help but viewing this and [ profile] ravenna_c_tan's fic above as complementary pieces containing all I love about both pairings :).

Our Way Is Best by [ profile] iamisaac [Draco/Lucius, NC-17, one-shot]
Summary: Lucius takes Draco's education upon himself.
Malfoycest is one of my guilty pleasures, and it's rarely done as well as here, following Draco's relationship with his father throughout his childhood, adolescence and up to the aftermath of DH, shifting subtly, always loving in many different ways, and just quintessentially *Malfoy*. A wonderful, touching read.


Dec. 29th, 2008 09:20 pm
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The first batch - am still catching up with lots of good stuff, so expect more to come.

Blue Oblivion by [ profile] sansa1970 [Scorpius/Albus, R, longer one-shot]
Summary: Scorpius grieves for Albus. But is he truly gone?
This was the last fic that had me dissolve in miserable, unconsolable tears for several minutes – not something that happens often. It's a beautiful, doomed love story of sorts, and so painfully sad... Don't read it when you're in need of uplifting, but read it! I've not remotely read all the [ profile] hp_darkfest offerings, and a lot of those I've read were superb, but this will be hard to top.

The Evil Devil Child and the Perfect Gift by [ profile] who_la_hoop [Scorpius/Albus/Draco/Harry, NC-17, two parts]
Summary: When Scorpius Malfoy - Legilimens-extraordinaire, perfect son and all-round kinky little bastard - discovers that his father harbours a certain fantasy involving Harry Potter, a submissive attitude and a priceless antique dining table, he sets out to make his father's dreams come true. And if succeeding in his mission involves putting up with a naked, willing Albus Severus? Well, that's a price that Scorpius will just have to pay.
Yeah, everybody recced that ages ago, when it came out, but I'm not fast – even so, it's probably the smoking hottest fic I've read in, well, ever, I guess. Not just that, it's hysterically funny and brilliantly written, and you really, honestly need to read it for Draco's voice alone. Not to mention for the most amazing, twisted-yet-adorable Scorpius who's ever made it onto paper/into pixels. I'm not kidding – this is *shiny*!

A Monster Like Me by [ profile] madeyemax [Remus/Fenrir, NC-17, one-shot]
Summary: Remus is nothing like Greyback. Remus isn't a monster.
This is one long, thorough, sinister mindfuck of a fic, with one of the most enigmatic depictions of Fenrir Greyback I've ever seen. And wonderful teenage Remus that never has a chance in hell of creating defences against that sort of opponent... Read the warnings first, though – this may not be for everybody...

All the Seasons of Madness by [ profile] stonegrad [Abraxas, Lucius, Draco, Scorpius, R, one-shot]
Summary: Four seasons, four sons; four generations of pain.
Not to mention four times utter creepiness! [ profile] stonegrad throws a very cold eye on what four generations of Malfoys are prepared to kill for, making for a seriously scary series of vignettes. Evil truly has many facets, and here's proof!

The Closing of the Year by anonymous [Albus Severus, Harry/Tom, PG, one-shot]
Summary: After his divorce, Harry Potter moves in with Tom Riddle. So does his ten-year-old son Albus Severus, who tries his utmost to get used to his new surroundings and to the strange, sinister man his dad has fallen in love with.
When I looked at the pairing and summary of this I almost skipped it, thinking 'that's never going to work'. But oh my dear gods, does it ever! A wonderful, vulnerable Albus, getting to know stern, uncompromising Tom Riddle, and yep, you should read the rest for yourselves! Shoo!


Aug. 14th, 2008 09:49 pm
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Three fics I enjoyed immensely recently:

The One with the World Cup-Winning Seeker and the Homosexual Aristocrat by [ profile] calanthe_fics [Scorpius/James Jr., NC-17]
Summary: Wedding receptions: the perfect place to pull. So how come James Potter, the most famous and successful Seeker in the world, hasn't got a bed-warmer come the end of the night? Is he, perchance, saving himself for the new Lord of Malfoy Manor?
Ah, it starts so innocently as your typical Malfoy-Potter character clash, and then delves down into a history of old friendships, betrayal and desires and some of the hottest sex and most amazing emotional entanglements I've seen in a while. Gorgeous stuff!

Where Dark And Light Don't Differ by [ profile] stonegrad [Draco/Lucius, NC-17]
Summary: Draco Malfoy - a fall in six acts.
Incest isn't one of my kinks, though I make an occasional exception for Malfoycest and I *always* make an exception if it's by [ profile] stonegrad. This, however, is amazing even by her standards for the absolutely rivetting, delicious vision of Lucius as seen through Draco's eyes. Not that I need reminding of how much I love Lucius, but if I did, *this* would be the perfect fic to instill lasting adoration :).

The Ritualistic Sun Dance of Albus Potter by [ profile] forgetsiberia [Scorpius/Albus Severus, NC-17]
I love the pairing, but what first drew me like a magnet was the title. And the fic *so* lives up to it! Albus in particular is wonderful, going all manic and happy with sunlight, and mesmerising Scorpius until things go beyond friendship. A wonderful and cheery fic that left me grinning happily.


Jul. 10th, 2008 01:59 am
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... 'cause omigods, this slayed me in the best possible way!

Unforgivable by [ profile] lokifan [Ron/Draco, NC-17]
Summary: Draco has been accepted by everyone but Ron as they attempt to rebuild Hogwarts. He makes an agreement with the youngest Weasley male: Ron will have one night to punish him, and do whatever he likes. After that, he has to forgive him.

Well, the summary alone left me hot under the collar, and both setup and execution are brilliant. But most glorious of all is characterisation. It brings out Ron's nasty side (and that's *hard* to pull off while keeping him IC and free of bashing) but it's quintessentially Ron throughout. Amazingly hot, too, but the characters make it shine. If the warnings don't scare you off, omg, go and *read*!


Jun. 1st, 2008 07:13 pm
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Here's a handful of fic that impressed me recently:

The Dog Days of Summer (1976) by anonymous [Fenrir/Sirius, hints of Sirius/Remus, NC-17]
Summary: ‘At 16 Sirius had enough of his parents' "pure-blood mania" and ran away to live with James Potter’s parents.’ But is that the whole story?
One of the best darkfics I've seen in ages, not just 'cause the pairing is rare and special, and the plot is intricate with mindfuck at its most perfect, and it dishes up vivid characterisation like nobody's business, but... the writing! Trust me on his, even if pairing and plot are not your thing, give the beginning a shot - it's worth it!

Wall of Glass by [ profile] waterbird [Harry/Draco, PG-13]
Summary: After the war, Draco Malfoy finds that some battles are just beginning.
A bitter, angry and hurt Draco locked up in Azkaban, a guilty Harry, and a fic that's definitely not a romance, and yet... Clever premise, outstanding characterisation, gritty environment, and excellent writing.

Below the Belt by [ profile] anguis_1 [Dudley/Millicent, R]
Summary: All Dudley wanted to do was deliver the letter and return to his perfectly normal, relatively pleasant existence. Luckily for him, fate and Millicent Bulstrode intervened.
Ok, I am a huge Millicent fan, and this is *delightful*. Dudley stumbles into wizarding London and ends up helping Millicent spiffing up her, um, flagging shop? Great fun, trust me! *shoos off to read*

A Very Cunning Plan by [ profile] eeyore9900 [Harry/Draco, NC-17]
Summary: Narcissa calls on a war hero to save the Malfoy name... then the Malfoy name (okay, okay, it's really Draco) calls on the war hero for some /hummuna hummuna/. ::wink, nudge::
Narcissa here rocks too much for words, and the H/D sparkles without taking itself too seriously. A fun, hot, entertaining romp of a fic.
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First of all, for those of you suffering from acute H/D overload, two non-worldcup recs :)

Things that Go Bump in the Night by anonymous [Fenrir/Draco, NC-17]
Summary: Revenge is sweet.
Recommended if you like your fics dark and are in the mood for a short sharp shock. There are fics that are awfully exciting in their evilness, and this is definitely one of them. Brilliant characterisation, brilliant ending. *shudders*

Five Times Lucius Malfoy and Ron Weasley Clash by [ profile] stonegrad [Ron/Lucius, NC-17]
Yes, it was written for me, but even at my most impartial it's *still* one of the most gorgeous Ron/Lucius stories I've read. The sort of fic that reminds me why I love this pairing to bits. Her Lucius... mmmh, to die for! Short and seductive.

Now, to H/D:

Lamp in the Cooling Room by anonymous [Harry/Draco, R]
Summary: Draco and Harry become snared in a trap, but they're not alone. Love guides our path for reasons we can't always understand.
Hands down the best worldcup fic so far in my humble opinion, and one I doubt can be topped. Real classics material, and I don't use that term lightly. Yes, it'll probably cut your heart out but wow, what a gorgeous read. I've only ever encountered a small handful of fics that pull such a punch and are so perfectly written at the same time.

Breaking all the Rules by anonymous [Harry/Draco, NC-17]
Summary: Malfoy is slowly wringing the last vestiges of pleasure from Harry's life with all his rules and committees and agendas and reports. Or is he?
Featuring the epic battle of Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy and Dolores Umbridge for the presidency of the Southwark Swingers Club. Does it need more to recommend it? And hands-down the best take on perfectly epilogue-compliant H/D *ever*! Well, last rec post I said the worldcup dungeonfic was superb, but the fest's crackfic is equally great ;). And this is hot as heck on top of it.

Perfect Day by anonymous [Harry/Draco, mild R at most]
Summary: One day can change everything.
This is Draco-fic at its best, perfectly in character, a great, atmospherical continuation of DH that's exceptionally true to canon, with an excellent plot and just an all-round wonderful read. I really loved here!

How Do You Mend a Broken Heart? by anonymous [Harry/Draco, R]
Summary: In order to keep custody of his children, Draco needs to find a spouse that will shore up the Malfoy family's tattered reputation. But what starts off as a means to an end gets more complicated when Draco's target reawakens feelings in him that he hasn't had in a long while, and Draco starts to feel alive for the first time since his wife's death.
Before coming across this fic, I wouldn't have been able to imagine Draco with a Weasley-sized family of daughters :). It works like clockwork, and is funny, smart and poking fun at too many fanfic convention to list. Writing is *shiny*, especially when it comes to dialogue. Great fun!

Ring A-Ring O'Roses by anonymous [Harry/Draco, NC-17]
Summary: Some demons are harder to banish than others.
Ah, this has a wonderfl in-character Draco and Harry, and wow, *plot*! Plot with plot twist inside plot twist, a really intrinsically thought-out story that feels canonical and rounded and yes... It's excellent.

Precious Things by anonymous [Harry/Draco, NC-17]
Summary: Scorpius Malfoy has been kidnapped and only one boy man hero can save the day.
This is hysterical and more than just borders on crack, but has one of the funniest, most *Malfoy* Scorpius ever, who's truly his father's son ;). Writing and puns just sparkle, and it's a great fic if you're looking for something slightly... *different* :D.
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Ok, *very* last one:

Love Like a Razorblade by anonymous [Harry/Draco, NC-17]
Summary: Like everything powerful, love is a weapon.
Holy heck, a beautiful Durmstrang setup, awesome plot, a rollercoaster of emotions, and can you say 'plot twist'? Best H/D twist in ages (and whoa, does the title ever fit!!!). *Why* didn't I read this earlier?

And there are new Summary Executions from the ever-brilliant [ profile] mctabby! *squees*
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Two final Smutmas recs:

To Stopper Death by anonymous [Severus/Regulus, Severus/Lucius, Lucius/Narcissa, Severus/Lucius/Narcissa]
Summary: Post-DH, the past is still very much with Lucius.
Lucius, coming to terms with his past with Regulus and Snape and Narcissa, and the post-war presence in exile. This has a gorgeous, two-tier plotline and absolutely superb Lucius-characterisation! One of the absolute highlights in this year's exchanges for me. It's such a pleasure to see your favourite character done so much justic. Read, oh please!

Just Like a Gryffindor by anonymous [Harry/Draco, NC-17]
Summary: Draco hasn't gotten over the war yet, but the real problem is that everyone else has. So when an old curse comes back to haunt him, maybe he doesn't resent it quite as much as he should.
Another wonderful H/D with an intriguing plotline, excellent characterisation and a beautiful, un-sappy romance. Wah - who can keep up a "there's too much H/D"-whine when fics like this one keep popping up? Just great!

And, since Smutmas reveals are tomorrow, here's a handful list of guesses for personal reference (and for people to laugh and point because I'm awful at it...). I realised that I have a mental list of great Snarry fics and another of great Snarry writers, but am totally incapable of individual guesses. H/D is almost as bad... Only the first two I'd be willing to put a *very* small sum of money on ;). Still haven't read a handful, yet...

Smutmas Guesses )


Jan. 2nd, 2008 08:18 pm
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Last batch of Smutmas Recs (unless I'm *very* fast reading...):

Goat Song by anonymous [Aberforth/Snape, NC-17]
Summary: A tragedy in five scenes.
Not *quite* a tragedy, but a shiny example of how to pull off a total rarepair in the most gorgeous way imaginable. Rock-solid characterisation, wonderful plot, tender without being sappy the slightest... this one seriously wowed me.

Kiss A Boy In London Town (And Other Intimate Misadventures of A Society Whore) by anonymous [Harry/Draco, NC-17]
Summary: There's only one cardinal sin for a whore.
This is H/D postwar romance at its finest - brilliant Draco characterisation, wonderful backstory for both characters, hot as all get out, and an exceptionally un-cliched ending. Mmmh - I practically skipped an entire night reading this :).

The Beginning of Be Mine by anonymous [Harry/Snape, NC-17]
Summary: Harry embarks on a strange journey to a place where all things, even second chances, are possible.
'Strange journey' doesn't even begin to describe it :). I'm not usually into 'travelling to Alternate Realities' fics, but this one was superbly developed and the rocky Snape/Harry romance with a wonderful assortment of assisting characters was handled so deftly (and hot) that I fell instantly in love.

Tabu by anonymous [Harry/Snape, NC-17]
Summary: Harry unwittingly accepts a job in a sex shop.
The premise should already give you giggles, and the story more than lives up to it. Funny, hot, and just plain fun.

And so many thanks to [ profile] waterbird for the lovely card! *snuggles*


Dec. 27th, 2007 04:11 pm
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Coming Clean by anonymous [Teddy/James Jr., NC-17]
Summary: Teddy thinks it's time that James fesses up to his parents, but it might take a bit of persuasion on his part.
That's the hottest, most adorable, wonderfullest festfic I've read so far! The way it brings the kids to life with bits and traces from the parents we know, the scorching hotness of the sex? Priceless. Read!

A Cure for Frost by anonymous [Snape/Harry, R]
Summary: Harry breaks a mirror and subsequently finds himself in possession of a small snow cloud. It's Snape's responsibility to cure the boy, whether he wants it or not.
I usually don't go for fairy tale adaptations, but this is special - Harry being possessed by the most adorable demonic cloud in history, writing and cloudword games to die for - it's just crisp and bittersweet and beautiful.

You Didn't Think They Just Sold It To Him, Did You? by anonymous [Fred/George/Draco, NC-17]
Summary: From HBP Chapter 29: "...the moment he saw us he threw something into the air and it all went pitch-black -" "- Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder," said Ron bitterly. "Fred and George's. I'm going to be having a word with them about who they let buy their products."
Hoh, boy! Look at the warnings before you delve into this, because once you've started, it'll suck you right in and make you squirm. A lot. In all the good and bad ways :). I usually run a mile from twin!sex, but this... wow. Rattled me like heck, but went right into my 'guilty pleasures' folder ;).

Wandlore by anonymous [Harry/Draco, NC-17]
Summary: Harry has a bit of a wand problem. Draco may be able to help him with the solution.
Wow, that was one of the best-motivated and plotted BDSM scenarios ever! Perfectly integrated with DH wandlore, and so, so hot, with superb characterisations and descriptions. With portrait!Snape as extra bonus :).

Still not remotely read everything I want to, but had a leisurely period over Christmas reading at the expense of writing. Ah well, it was fun :).
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Just one rec because I'm so behind on Christmasfic reading it's not funny! But the dreaded cold has me in its slimy claws, and my brain's mush just when I least need it :(.

Suppliance of a Minute by anonymous [Albus/Gellert, NC-17]
Summary: Two months of madness starts with a minute.

The first meeting of Gellert and Albus, by the kissing gate... Wow! The writing is lush and vivid. Shy, lonely Albus and Gellert, who knows what he wants and goes for it come to life in all their beauty and imperfections, and the violets... Wow, again. It's sex as I've never seen it before, and style and characterisation that's all too rare. Can't wait for reveals with that - I had this strong impression of "damn, that's the way XYZ and WVU write, but they're both not playing in the fest... I hate waiting! :)

And again, there are birthdays galore (honestly, people, this is inconsiderate, can't you stop getting older?)

[ profile] cluegirl, [ profile] reposoir, [ profile] aeowen and [ profile] stuckinsea!

[ profile] narcissa_malfoy!

[ profile] sulla and [ profile] alexandralynch
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Wheee, posting has started for [ profile] merry_smutmas, [ profile] harry_holidays, [ profile] hp_holidaygen, [ profile] smutty_claus and [ profile] hd_holidays (and probably others, but these are the ones I'll be trying to follow - emphasis on trying).

Isn't it great! :)

This year, I'll be hampered by not being able to access LJ at work (even less so when I fly home in late December), but I'll struggletry to keep up and do recs.

Speaking of recs... Two utterly gorgeous fics so far:

Angels and Ministers of Grace by anonymous [Snape, Harry, gen, PG-13]
Snape survives the war, but ends up in hospital. Harry comes to visit. Sounds unexciting? Just go and read it. It's one of the most intense, heart-wrenching stories I've seen in ages, with Snape so canonical (and bitter) it hurts, and graced by the most *amazing* writing.

Let Go by anonymous [Harry/Draco, R]
Summary: There was a logical explanation for what happened between Harry and Malfoy: adolescent insanity. Not their own, though—their children's.
If post-DH fic on the whole turns out as gorgeous as this, I'll make my peace with the Epiloge o'Doom yet! Funny as all get out, hot as heck, and the characterisation (especially of the next generation) is just shiny. And no, I'm not usually a sucker for kids-of-our-heroes fic!

Um, yes... am I happy that LJ has been sold to a Russian company who's apparently thick with the infernal Mr Putin, especially right after a rigged election? You guess. As much as I'm happy to be rid of 6A, this isn't necessarily a positive development, especially not for fandom in terms of possibilities of being censored/dictated to. We're talking experts in this respect here...

*huggles her IJ closer*
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[ profile] karaontai was asking for male/female/male threesome recs, and I tried my best, although it's not my particular thing. Meaning I probably overlooked much must-read stuff. If you have more recs, do add, please! The first is my own top favourite (and I don't even *like* Tonks...). Umyes, and my definition of 'threesome' is 'three people in the same bed at the same time', which may not be *totally* precise :).

The Last Night of the World by [ profile] fourth_rose [Tonks/Harry/Draco, NC-17]
Summary: If Tonks had ever tried to imagine the eve of the final battle, she definitely wouldn't have pictured herself lying naked on a huge four-poster bed in number twelve, Grimmauld Place, staring at the shadows cast by the flickering candles and waiting for a knock on the door.

Six Days of Bliss by [ profile] ella_bane [Harry/Ron/Hermione, NC-17]
Summary: While cleaning Number 12, Grimmauld Place, Hermione finds a magic lamp. To unlock the power of the lamp, the trio must endure a six days of bliss.

Summer Thing by [ profile] prillalar [Hermione/Fred/George, NC-17]
Summary: Summertime.

Nymphomania by [ profile] kethlenda [Tonks/Sirius/Remus, NC-17]
Summary: Tonks tells the story of the New Year's Eve when she, Sirius, and Remus all got drunk on firewhiskey and fell into bed together.

Enter the Heroine by [ profile] marksykins [Harry/Draco/Ginny, NC-17 (dark!)]
Summary: It was a dark and stormy night. A scream echoed in the corridors! Ginny goes to the rescue, and gets in way, way, way over her head.

Birthday Girl by [ profile] ladytalon1 [Snape/Lucius/Narcissa, NC-17]
Summary: It's Narcissa's birthday and luckily for her, Lucius has the perfect gift.

Night, Sleep and the Stars by [ profile] melusinahp [Harry/Draco/Bellatrix, NC-17 (dark!)]
Summary: Harry and Draco have always hated each other. When they are both taken captive by Bellatrix, however, they are forced to form an alliance in order to escape.

The Night Watchers by Calliope [Harry/Ron/Hermione, R]
Summary: Harry needs a little help to keep Voldemort out of his mind, and his best friends are there for him.
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Ok, so I've definitely given up any hope to post even the first part of what was supposed to be my final Harry/Lucius longfic before canon runs out. 'Cause really, I'd need a time turner for a *month* to do so. Ah well - it'll be my homage to poor, doomed Lucius post-canon, then! The plotbunny has been persistent for three years now, and will hold up until after teh end ;).

Talking Lucius, let's jump into the recs:

Unmarked by [ profile] snorkackcatcher [Lucius/Marcus Flint, R]
Summary: Participation in the game of power has left Lucius Malfoy with many marks. Marcus Flint has none, and Lucius finds this appealing. But there are many complications in the course of their six year relationship ...
Not in a *long* time has a Lucius wowed me like this - running behind the scenes of canon from CoS to post-HBP, with superb characters, convincing attraction, a perfectly amazing story, perfect Malfoyesque resolution. Honestly, if *this* is how non-slashers write slash, they should be Imperio!-ed to do so more often! Definitely not recced because I betaed it (if such disclaimer be needed)! You should have seen me squee and hop around during first reading ;)

The Unusual, Exceptional, and Statistically Remarkable Hermione Granger, Age 21 by [ profile] magnetic_pole [Hermione/Pansy, PG]
Summary: Hermione assesses her life on the morning of her twenty-first birthday
A very canonical Hermione musing on her 'coming out' and her relationship with Pansy full of a self-ironic humour and dry wit. Hermione's academic approach to her sexual identity, and her surprise at liking sex is very amusing to read, and still the 'deeper issues' of identity and acceptance are present without remotely resorting to preaching. Great fun, and a great read.

And went for a walk in the wide, wide world by Cliodna Cadogan ([ profile] reversathon alias) [Percy/Harry, PG-13]
Summary: No one ever said it would be easy sharing an office with the Boy Who Lived'or sharing a life with his namesake.
I adored this fic, even though it's all eye-twinkly fluff and cuddly puppies (literally so!). But the mystery author really gets *into* Percy's stuffy hide, teasing out his loneliness and insecurities, and contrasts them with a Harry who has definitely come into his own, and who goes about sneakily seducing his colleague. I don't care if you dislike the pairing, or the fluff, but you've *got* to read this for Harry Potter, the puppy ;).

*snuggles [ profile] liriaen for the pretty card and the calendar with attributes*

And... holy hell, Sectus is in five days! *is terrified*


Jun. 25th, 2007 11:00 pm
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I haven't done a proper rec post in ages, so here's an assortment of brilliant fics I've been sitting on for a long time... And I've not even read half of the [ profile] snarry_games, [ profile] riddle_gifts and [ profile] hd_holidays fics that are burning on my nails :(.

The Isle is Full of Noises by [ profile] spessartine [Salazar/Godric, R]
Salazar and Godric during the building of Hogwarts. This fic swept me off my feet - Niffled here on FA for extensive comments. Utterly gorgeous, with the most sensual writing and the most seductive Salazar *ever*.

The Living Years by [ profile] dementordelta [Harry/Snape, NC-17]
Summary: Severus Snape makes the ultimate sacrifice for Harry Potter. No, not that sacrifice! The other one! And finds Sanctuary in the most unexpected of places.
They say it's hard to find an innovative take on Snarry after all this time, but this story has *definitely* done it, turning the Harry/Snape age dynamic on its back like a gobsmacked turtle, and *then* proceeding to turn it into the most delicious, tender love story. Wow! And they say you can't say anything new about this pairing any longer...

Your Wish is My Command Series by [ profile] coffee_n_cocoa [Remus/Neville, PG-13 to NC-17]
Summary: Remus and Neville decide to discover and venture into granting each other's sexual desires and fantasies, uncovering deeper issues of trust and need along the way that could bring them closer together, or tear them apart.
Mmh, Neville/Remus coming to terms with wish fulfilment and Remus' wolf in the weeks before the full moon... *delicious* characterisation, breath-taking sex, and a deep sense of tenderness that makes me go all gooey inside...

The Greek Boy: An Introduction to Submission by [ profile] islandsmoke [Remus/Snape/OMC, NC-17]
Summary: Lupin had promised Snape, "no more Greek Boys" unless he shared. He decides it is not only time to share the Boy with Snape, but to introduce the Boy to the D/s culture.
I'm usually very unfond of original characters, clubs and D/S dynamics (even less 'Snupin'!) and *still* was absolutely swept away by this – amazing characterisation, and seeing Lupin and Snape through the eye of an outsider brought them to life even more than usual. Gorgeous altogether!

And a gem for the German speakers:

Vanadium I-Ching and Coda 2.3 by [ profile] liriaen [Harry/Draco, R]
Summary: Den Würgegriff einer Künstlichen Intelligenz namens Voldemort haben sie abgeschüttelt, doch die schöne neue Welt läßt auf sich warten.
Sequels to [ profile] liriaen's memorable Algebra in der temporären autonomen Zone Cyberpunk HP AU. They've defeated Voldemort and his evil corporation, but all is not well – especially not with Draco's hard- and software. This is still the most original HP-Alternate Reality I've ever seen, not to mention the best written. *And* the third part of 'Coda' is just out, so I'll have something to warm my night :).
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Here's the last batch of Ron-recs, not that I didn't enjoy many, many others on the comm. I'm still mindblown over having had the chance to read so much wonderful Ron-fic over the last month :). Once more, kudos galore to the [ profile] triatha_ron Mods!

And now I'll return to my hidey-hole and try to cure my cold ;).

What We Share... by [ profile] slinkiestumble [Team Gen, Prompt: Family; Ron, Weasleys, PG]
Summary: Ron has the dragon pox.
A look at her youngest son and his relationship with his siblings through Molly's eyes. A great concept, and also an extremely realistic look at the the efforts – and bonuses – of bringing up the Weasley children.

Steady (Part 1 and Part 2) by [ profile] arsenicjade [Team: Slash, Prompt: Friendship; Ron/Victor/Draco, NC-17]
Summary: Ron's a Quidditch player. Viktor's the head of the Subcommittee for International Quidditch Standards. Draco is his filing clerk. You do the math.
This is anything but only a smutty threesome, but a very careful and amazing look at the very complex relationships that bind those three characters together. One of those *really* enjoyable, long and plotty slashfics with careful attention to characterisation.

A Routine Comfort by [ profile] mamalaz [Team: Slash, Prompt: Loss, Ron/Draco, R to NC-17]
Summary: A lot of things changed in the war but, every week, Ron had this to look forward to
I love stories that manage to punch me in the stomach and have an emotional impact that leaves me cringing. If it thoroughly shakes me up, it's really good writing. This did, in a very quiet, painful way. Wow.

Eighteen Hours, Four Tasks, and A Kilt by [ profile] abigail89 [Team Slash, Prompt: Time; Ron/Oliver, NC-17]
Summary: As Harry & Hermione wed, best man Ron Weasley has four important tasks to complete. However, a new relationship commands all his brain cells and energy. Oh dear.
This is just plain fun – a great, breathless, sexy and hilarious romp of a fic, with a wonderful Ron and almost slapstick comedy in writing.

How to Lose Your Mind in Ten Weeks by [ profile] solstice_fics [Team: Het, Promp: Loss; Ron/Bellatrix, R]
Summary: Ron was captured and given to Bellatrix Lestrange to play with. Over the next ten weeks she set about reprogramming his mind and enjoying his body. Is he the one who's really losing it though?
I could say 'look at pairing and warnings before you read this', and you'd *still* get the wrong impression about why this almost squicked me :). Just take *nothing* for granted while reading this, and savour the brilliant ending :).
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Heh, results are out: Team Het won, and did they ever deserve it!). The Masterlist is here. This was so much fun to write for, and even more to read!

Ignoring a door I cannot close by [ profile] thesteppystone [Team Het, Prompt: Memory; Ron/Marietta, Ron/Hermione, NC-17]
Summary: He had to make her see how things had actually been, and there was only one way to do that; show her his memory.
Another of those amazing hetfics that stole my breath during the fest – intriguing vengeance plot, and then turning a very popular romance novel cliche right on its back and using it to *really* make characterisation shine. Wowed me altogether :).

One Day for Them by [ profile] le_calmar_geant [Team: Het, Prompt: Friendship, Ron/Hermione, PG-13]
Summary: What exactly do Ron and Hermione get up to on their first Hogsmeade weekend all on their own?
That's such a *wonderfully* canonical missing scene during PoA which allows Ron's and Hermione's different personalities to shine. And Ron discovering that Hermione is a girl (*gasp*) is hilarious.

Memoria Incognita by [ profile] kaalee [Team Slash, Prompt: Question, Ron/Harry, PG-13]
Summary: Ron wakes in front of a mirror with no memory and works against time to realize that he, and everything, is there for a reason.
A great mystery fic that's both intense and extremely funny. Ron's path of discovery, all on his own with a room and a mirror, had me laughing like mad. And the resolution (and the plotting gone into it) was amazing.

Five Days in August by [ profile] thetreacletart [Team Het, Prompt: Summer, Ron/Pansy, R]
Summary: Ron tries to find a way to escape the excessive heat and Pansy Parkinson. Not necessarily in that order.
The Ron!voice and the wizarding world broiling in summer heat and Ron's and Pansy's lovely, prickly chasing after each other made this a real treat. Not to mention hysterically funny – Ron being lured by the 'girly drinks' almost slayed me :).

Anamnesis by [ profile] fictionalaspect [Team Gen, Prompt: Question, Ron, trio]
Summary: Perhaps he and Harry are merely placeholders in the same pattern, are merely the frames of an endless, looping film.
The title, referring to "recollection of the ideas which the soul had known in a previous existence" leads into an amazing play with time and reality that cuts right to the quick of what drives the trio, and especially the friendship between Ron and Harry. I loved Ron to bits here, for being Ron and for his choices.

All God's Creatures by [ profile] mizbean [Team Gen, Prompt: Gold; Ron, Weasley family, G]
Summary: Where Fred and George have a brilliant plan, Ginny is annoying, and Ron quietly has a nervous breakdown. Just a typical summer in the Weasley household.
Or: Money Woes? Try Nifflers :). A wonderful Weasley family fic that looks at Ron's role (and self-perception) within his family, with more than just a bit of humour and eye-twinking, but also putting the finger on Ron's specific sensitivity. And eeeh – the Nifflers! I want one! (or maybe not…).


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